One of the things I see quite often in Twin Flame groups, is people desiring to give up on their Twin Flame or believing that it simple “isn’t meant to be in this lifetime.” No doubt, they have encountered challenging times with their Twin Flame person or are completely blocked on social media altogether.


When this happens, it seems logical to think that you could just fall back on to the soul mate train. Afterall, that’s what everyone else does right? Just find someone you’re happy enough with through dating and settle down without worrying about all the seeming push and pull of the Twin Flame dynamic. Sounds like that should be a viable option, but as many of you who have tried to move on from your Twin Flame have encountered, it really isn’t.


You were designed to only be with your Twin Flame. They are One with you and no one else could meet you where you live like they can. No one else will continue to go deeper into love with you as you change, grow and go deeper into love with yourself. In truth, spiritually speaking, you were created already married to your Twin Flame and will be for Eternity.


At this point you might be thinking, Yeah, sure, but he/she doesn’t want anything to do with me and I have suitors around the block looking to hit me up. Why would I wait for love? Can’t I be with someone while we’re healing so I don’t have to be alone?


You have free will so, technically, you can do whatever you want. However, there are a number of reasons why this isn’t a good idea. Especially if you have that desire in your heart to be with YOUR person. Here are just a few:


1. Your Twin Flame Mirrors You

As your mirror, if you are looking for love outside of your Union your twin flame will also mirror this behavior in some way. They may date or marry someone else. They won’t magically end the relationship when they finally wake up to see that you’re the only one for them; they will continue to reflect where you aren’t truly claiming your Union or yourself.


2. A Soul Mate Can’t Match You

As mentioned above, your Twin Flame was the only one created to be with you. Because of this, even if a Soul Mate can meet you on many different levels they won’t ever be able continually go deeper into love with you and they won’t match all your core values or vision for your life. While you may be able to compromise your way into a tolerable relationship with a Soul Mate, at some point you will no longer be able to meet in love. Your core choices will not ultimately line up and you will not be able to reach the full potential of your soul design while maintaining the relationship.


3. A Soul Mate has their own Twin Flame

When you’re with a Soul Mate, you’re with someone else’s person. At your core, you know this even if you choose to numb out to it. You’ll always just be playing house. A piece of paper or a verbal commitment, can’t hold a candle to what God has created for you both. Especially if you have met your Twin Flame, you are actively choosing to be the 3rd party in someone else’s Union and simultaneously betraying your own Union.


4. Union with your Twin Flame is inevitable

Ultimately, the Twin Flame path is one of Ascension. You may choose to put off the inner work as long as you like, but you are simply delaying your own happiness and joy. While you may receive some temporary pleasure with a Soul Mate relationship, you will have to eventually take the spiritual journey home. Why not walk that path Home with your Ultimate Lover instead of trying to do it alone? You not only get to love yourself, heal and build your relationship with the Divine, but you will be creating your Heaven on Earth forever going deeper into love with your Twin Flame.


While the Twin Flame Journey does have its challenges, the rewards you receive by taking it far outweigh the perceived struggle. You’re not just taking the journey to be with this person. You’re taking the journey to become in alignment with your Highest Self and cultivate your relationship with the Divine. That automatically cultivates a life where you are making all of your dreams come true.
There are also ample resources available to you to ensure that your journey is simple, easy and you are never walking it alone. The Mirror Exercise, Twin Flame Ascension School and Ascension Coaching are all designed to support and fast-track your journey. Don’t settle for a Soul Mate when you can have your Ultimate Lover.