The Twin Flame Journey can often feel mysterious and difficult to navigate. On the outside, your Twin Flame is saying all kinds of things that make you question if it is really meant to be after all. Maybe next lifetime, right? No!

If you have a desire in your heart to be with your Twin Flame, there is ABSOLUTELY a way for you to be with them. However, it does take work. Not the type of work where you compromise, settle and end up in countless hours of couples therapy nor the type where you practice all the skills to attract and keep a man/woman. That’s soulmate stuff. That won’t work here.

The best kept secret of the Twin Flame Journey is that it can actually be EASY. This doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter challenges or that it won’t feel difficult at times, but the method to move through those moments is always the same and it is simple. All you have to is feel your feelings, love yourself and surrender the rest to God/Spirit/the Universe. That’s it.

It sounds simple; it is simple, but it may not always feel simple. This journey will ask you to feel through ALL of your feelings and face all of your fears about live, love, finances, and even sometimes sickness and death. No matter how real it feels, fear is all an illusion but it can feel overwhelming. That is why we aren’t meant to do this alone and God, through Jeff and Shaleia, has given us the tool to overcome ANY challenge in our path:

The Mirror Exercise

This is NOT saying affirmations in the mirror. This is something much more powerful. The Mirror Exercise works on the understanding that you as a powerful Child of God/the Universe are constantly consciously or unconsciously creating your reality through your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words and actions. Because of this, everything you experience is, to some extent, something that you have created even if it’s unpleasant. Only you create in your reality. So as you heal those thoughts, beliefs and feelings within yourself using this tool, your outer reality with shift and change as you do.

With your Twin Flame, the Mirror Exercise is especially powerful because they are you. They reflect what’s going on within you absolutely perfectly. While other people may vibe out of your life as you heal, your Twin Flame will inevitably vibe closer to you as you become closer to yourself. This will not happen all at once; healing is a process, but once you’ve healed enough separation within your consciousness, your Twin Flame cannot help but manifest into your reality.

So how do you do the Mirror Exercise? It is made up of 4-simple steps:

Step 1.

When something upsets you in your reality. Allow yourself to feel your feelings fully and get very clear on what is upsetting you and try to simplify it to the heart of the matter. For example, if your Twin Flame is ignoring you you’d put that into step 1 as:

1. “I’m upset my Twin Flame is ignoring me.”

Step 2.

Take the upset from Step 1 and change all the nouns to pronouns and point them toward yourself. This is where you will begin to see where the out of alignment thoughts and beliefs that are causing the upset in your reality.

2. “I’m upset I am ignoring me.”

Step 3.

You ask yourself, “Is this true?” The answer is always yes, at least in someway. It doesn’t have to apply in the exact same situation that you are applying it. If you’re upset that your Twin Flame is ignoring your text messages, you’re not upset that you’re ignoring your own text messages. It is deeper than that.

Be really honest with yourself. Are you ignoring your needs, feelings or dreams? Are you ignoring your intuition? Once you’re able to see or feel that part of yourself that is upset, you can move to Step 4. If it doesn’t quite resonate, go back to Step 1 and go deeper. Why are you upset that your Twin Flame is ignoring you? Maybe it make you feel unloved when he/she does that.

Then it would be:

1. I’m upset my Twin Flame makes me feel unloved.

2. I’m upset that I make me feel unloved.

3. Yes, this is true. I make myself feel unloved when I ignore my needs and allow negative self-talk.

Step 4.

This is where we heal that upset part of yourself. Ask that part of yourself what they need to feel loved and visualize giving yourself that. It doesn’t matter what it is. Maybe it’s a hug, a promise to pay attention to yourself, love and compassion, forgiveness, or maybe your inner child just wants to fly to the moon on a fire truck (true story of what my inner child wanted one time). Whatever it is just visualize giving yourself that and whatever else that part of you needs until they feel at peace and complete. The goal is always to feel at peace there, not to change the outcome.

Then, once you feel complete and peaceful in that space, visualize bringing that part of you that was upset back to melt and integrate back into you as you are today. By doing this you are healing separation consciousness within yourself AND at the same time healing separation with in your Union.

Writing each step down, especially when you are first learning the Mirror Exercise, will not only help you learn the steps but will help you tap into your feelings and move through any resistance more quickly. By using the Mirror Exercises regularly, any time you feel upset, you take responsibility for and master your reality. While you can’t control the outcome or the how and when or even the who, you can sit back knowing that you are doing your part and let God take care of the rest.

For more in-depth descriptions of the Mirror Exercise, pick up Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff and Shaleia Divine and watch my video The Mirror Exercise Explained.