In a recent TFAS class I was watching, Jeff shared a profound insight about healing separation in the union. He likened it to planting apple seeds—you know you’ll reap apples, but you must wait for the tree to grow and the fruit to ripen before tasting it. Healing isn’t about immediate results or receiving more love with each Mirror Exercise; it’s a process of nurturing growth until the fruit of union is ripe.

This lesson is crucial because it challenges the impulse to seek immediate signs of progress. It’s tempting to heal a little and then anxiously search for signals of change. But, as Jeff emphasizes, healing and union don’t unfold on our timeline. It’s like digging up seeds to find an apple—it disrupts the natural growth process. We must trust in the journey and allow ourselves to move through the full cycle of healing and growth before tasting the fruit of union.

It’s important to recognize that healing doesn’t necessarily mean addressing every aspect of our consciousness. Rather, it’s about honoring what God asks us to heal, which is unique to each individual journey. Sometimes, it may feel like nothing is happening for an extended period. We chip away at layers of the same upset, wondering when we’ll break through. But when we do, it’s as if a dam bursts, and love and blessings flow abundantly—often in unexpected and beautiful ways.

Having persistence and patience throughout the journey is invaluable. It’s about trusting the process and remaining steadfast, even when progress seems slow or non-existent. Each step forward, no matter how small, brings us closer to realizing our dreams and experiencing the fullness of union.

In conclusion, the twin flame journey teaches us the importance of patience and persistence in healing and union. By nurturing growth, trusting the process, and embracing persistence, we pave the way for the fulfillment of our dreams and the blossoming of true union.