You feel it in your heart. That strong connection that seems undeniable, but your supposed Twin Flame isn’t having it. They may even tell you that it is never going to happen and they don’t care about you at all. So now what? Do you just give up? “Oh well, I guess it’s just not meant to be.” Nope.

While hearing things like that from your Twin Flame person can be painful, it is not the end of the journey that it might seem to be. It’s actually your Twin Flame pointing to something that needs to be healed within. Because your Twin Flame is your mirror, they cannot help but reflect what is going on within you. If you aren’t loving and putting yourself first or you are making them your source of love, they will unconsciously mirror that. Sometimes in ways that are very unpleasant.

Despite being uncomfortable, this experience is actually a very good thing. These blocks and patterns are keeping you from being the full Divine expression of yourself, it feels bad, and your Twin Flame person is loving you by showing all of this to you. At their core, your Twin Flame never actually hates you or isn’t interested in you, but their primary role on this journey is to be your ultimate teacher and that comes before all else. This also means that you have the power to heal it.

When you use the tools available to you, like the Mirror Exercise, Twin Flame Ascension School and Ascension Coaching, you can begin healing those blocks and patterns your Twin is showing you and take command of your reality. As you heal, your Twin Flame will heal too and you’ll naturally get closer and closer. You don’t need to do anything outside of you for this shift to happen. All that is required is to feel your feelings and love yourself in all of the upset places that arise.

In fact, one of the worst things you can do when your Twin Flame says these things is to try to argue it out with them or try to convince them of what you feel. Even if you make the most logical argument, if the block has not been healed, you will not get through to them and may end blocked, ignored or prolonged separation. Going within is not only the peaceful and loving path for both of you, but it also is an acknowledgement of your Oneness and you taking responsibility for your own reality.

If your Twin Flame is currently saying these things or has said these types of hurtful things in the past, you do have the power to change it. The Truth is that your Twin Flame loves you dearly. All you have to do is simply make the choice to heal it and utilize the Mirror Exercise and support that God guides you too. If you never give up, you cannot fail.

For more information on the Mirror Exercise check out my blog, “The Secret to Mastering the Twin Flame Journey” and pick up Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.