On any spiritual path, you might hear the term “Divine Timing” and most people seem to believe that this means that you’re waiting on God to do something. Whether is be a portal, a repeating number date or the planets aligning, I’ve seen countless times where people on the Twin Flame journey try to use some kind of astrology to figure out when their Twin Flame is coming home or they will just sit in waiting energy, “I can’t do anything about it. If it’s meant to be it will be.”

Waiting for anything outside of yourself to happen is actually just going to keep you waiting. You’re actually manifesting more waiting for yourself. Not only because you’re creating your reality with that expectation but because, as we’ve discussed before, your Twin Flame will actually Mirror that choice to wait.

On the other hand, there is an element of truth in thinking God is ultimately in control and you cannot force things to happen in your timing. That’s true. However, “timing” is not actually the correct term here at all. Time, spiritually speaking, isn’t real. As A Course in Miracles says time is simply a tool with the sole purpose of teaching you how to use your time constructively. It will cease to exist once that purpose has been fulfilled. It does not exist to eternal beings like your True Divine Self and God. Of course, we do experience time here so surely Divine Timing is part of that right? Not exactly. A more appropriate term is “Divine Order.”

Divine Order means that God has set the order lessons that must be mastered in order for the next challenge or breakthrough to happen. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to move through the lesson, time isn’t real, all that really matters is your moving through it at the pace that’s right for you. Moving with God at the optimal pace he sets for you is the fastest way, but you must do your part in healing your upsets. You will not progress if you do not heal.

You also can’t control or manifest your way around blocks. You can’t lie to yourself and be somewhere you aren’t. Speaking from experience, I tried this. I tried digging for upsets and pushing forward before I had fully healed in certain areas. For a while you might make superficial progress, like I did. You might even come into Union with your Twin Flame. But if you haven’t mastered the inner work or haven’t truly mastered your lessons you will have to fall back down and do it again with God. It is a way to quickly burn yourself out and can be a painful thing to experience to learn the hard way, but it’s an important lesson.

Divine Order is there for a reason. God doesn’t just withhold your Twin Flame from you to punish you or dangle a carrot in front of you. God created you with your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame is His favorite person for you. He wants you together more than you want to be. The purpose is to grow your spiritual mastery and prepare you for Harmonious Union.

This doesn’t mean you won’t have any contact with your Twin or that you have to be 100% mastered. In fact, you may have experience with you Twin that test your mastery or pop up as a breakthrough. It’s important not to attach to any of these experiences, especially if it didn’t go the way you expected. They are simply lessons. Nothing can be messed up or lost with your Twin Flame — you’re literally One. EVERYTHING can be healed between you and them. All that it requires is persistence and commitment to your inner work and your Union through the challenges. You don’t have to wait for a portal, but you to have to be patient with yourself and diligently work through the blocks, upsets and patterns in the order they are presented to you.

Don’t struggle with your challenges or walk the path alone. It is safe and necessary to call in support on this journey to move peacefully, compassionately and efficiently through your blocks, patterns and upsets with love. The best way to do this is to master the Mirror Exercise, invest in Twin Flame Ascension School and claim regular session with an Ascension Coach to build and maintain momentum on your healing journey.