Deck: Whispers of Lord Ganesha by Angela Hartfield

August 2023 brings a lot of big energy. Not only do we have the Lion’s Gate Portal on 8/8 but we also have two full moons, two supermoons and a blue moon. That’s a lot going on with the moon. It makes me wish I had the Moonology Oracle Card deck by Yasmin Boland. Really seems appropriate. In lieu of that deck, for August, I used the deck that most strongly called out to me, Whispers of Lord Ganesha. If you watch my regular YouTube readings, this monthly overview reading is meant to be complementary. It can stand on its own or be considered as we move through each week. Take what resonates with you.

Week 1 – Acceptance

A big part of healing along your Twin Flame journey is accepting where you are. The Love and Peace you seek is not outside of you but in the here and now. You are right where you need to be learning and healing what you need to be. If you were truly ready to be with your Twin Flame you would be. If you aren’t with them right now, that is ok. In spiritual truth, you have never been separate from them and you never will be. The more you come to feel them already with you within, the more the illusion of separation can dissolve.

If you deny where you are, deny your blocks and challenges, or reject yourself in your current state you will remain stagnant. You can’t wait for the Universe or your Twin Flame to do it for you. You create your reality. Accept yourself completely and take responsibility for the reality you have created. If you don’t like it, there is no need to shame or punish yourself. God will not punish you. Simply make a new choice and love yourself in all the places that feel bad with the Mirror Exercise.

Week 2 – Insight

Your intuition and feelings are powerful tools for your healing and growth. They also help you not only built a relationship of trust with yourself but also with the Divine. Your intuition and feelings are direct communications from the Divine. When you numb out, ignore or doubt yourself you build resentment and feel a loss of connection with yourself. This is where you may feel disconnected with your Twin Flame or experience them denying your connection or not being trustworthy. They are mirroring where you are doing this to yourself.

Trust the feelings that you have, even if they don’t make sense or are uncomfortable, are coming up for a reason. Just because they are coming up, does not make it true, but it’s leading you the healing and release you need. Great insight and clarity is in the peace on the other side of that bad feeling you’re facing down with love.

Week 3 – Positive Outlook

Though things may feel challenging right now, it’s important to keep a positive outlook. Even in those bad and uncomfortable feelings you can always choose to be with your peace. Nothing can knock you out of if except by your choice. If you’re finding it difficult to stay with that peace, that’s ok, practice choosing peace. Like a meditation when your mind wanders, you can simply bring yourself back to your peace gently with a choice and do the Mirror Exercise if you feel triggered.

Staying positive is not about avoiding the bad feelings, but facing them head on knowing that Love is always with you and the only thing that is real.

Week 4 – Guidance

Building on the last three weeks, you’re encouraged to follow your guidance. You are always being perfectly guided by God in every moment. If you cannot hear God or do not know what to do, be still. Quiet your mind and feel your feelings. Ego speaks first and loud, God speaks second and speaks softly. God will not fight with the ego for your attention. He does not see or hear ego. He will patiently keep guiding you until you choose to listen.

Resistance only keeps you from experiencing your good and keeps you experiencing more and more contrast. It is not a punishment, but a reality that God is the Source of all your good because God is your good. You look for God’s love in your twin flame, in your home, in your life purpose, in your food. You literally cannot experience good without God because that is what He is. Surrender and follow that good feeling that is God’s guidance for you.

Week 5 – Steadfastness

Do not be persuaded to give into fear. As Jeff and Shaleia teach in TFAS, when you are close to a breakthrough that is when ego will come at you with everything it’s got. It will try to scare you, tempt you and get you to give it ground. It will promise you it will give you what you want, but will give you nothing and will take everything. Ego screaming at you is a good thing. That means you are winning.

If you stand in peace and love with God and never give up or give into fear, you cannot lose. You will inevitably be with your Twin Flame in Harmonious Union. Stay the course. Keep choosing love. Success and Harmonious Union is for you too.


While each card represents one week, the overall message can be felt throughout. It is very important at this time that you surrender to the flow of your journey. The energy this month will no doubt bring up a lot of challenges, but it is all for your good and growth It may not look as you expect but trust that you are being perfectly guided every step away and, above all, do not give up. You are promised success and Harmonious Union when you walk with God and keep choosing love.

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