Your Twin Flame’s choices, behavior, and energy are deeply entwined with your own. You are, after, One and you choose together. Let’s look at how our Twin Flame’s patterns of behavior and choices teach us more about ourselves.

1. The Illusion of Separation

Though it may sometimes feel like we are two entirely independent souls, you and your Twin Flame might be physically apart, but spiritually, you’re One consciousness. If you find yourselves experiencing separation, you are BOTH choosing it on some level.

It is literally impossible for you to choose different things at the core. The details may look and manifest differently on the outside, but they are the same when you really look at the situation.

2. Mirroring Inner Challenges

When we witness behaviors in our Twin Flame that upset us, it’s essential to recognize that they are magnifying a similar pattern within us. Your Twin Flame’s struggles, such as addictions or dishonesty, could reflect a hidden aspect of yourself. Perhaps you’ve been addicted to work, social media, or other habits that society doesn’t stigmatize as much. Or maybe, you’ve been deceiving yourself about your true feelings or desires. Their actions serve as a flashlight, illuminating the dark corners of your own psyche.

3. The Power of Choice for Love

The profound realization here is that while we can’t control or change our Twin Flame’s choices, we hold the power to heal our own reactions and feelings about them. By addressing and healing our wounds, we can catalyze healing for our Twin Flame as well. When one heals, the other heals too because you are One. You don’t just heal individually; you heal as a unit.

4. Aligning with Love through The Mirror Exercise

Choosing love and truth is the compass that guides Twin Flames back to each other. One helpful practice to align with this choice is the Mirror Exercise. By honestly feeling your feelings and looking within to love and heal all the wounded aspects of yourself you can naturally come back into alignment with yourself, your Twin Flame and your Union as a whole.

By understanding what your Twin Flame’s choices reveal about you, you can embrace the opportunity to evolve, align with love, and move closer to a harmonious union. Remember, every challenge they present is an invitation for you to dive deeper into your soul, heal and choose love. Embrace the mirror they offer, and watch as you both transform and peacefully come into Harmonious Twin Flame Union.