While your Twin Flame is your ultimate lover, a lot of us don’t immediately experience that part of them. At first, it’s like a dream. You feel seen, loved, and as if you’ve met the missing piece to your soul. But suddenly, the script flips and the very person who felt like home claims they don’t want you. You might ask, “If they’re supposed to be my ultimate romantic partner, why do they turn away and pursue others?” The pain and confusion can be overwhelming.

Let’s delve a little deeper. The journey with your Twin Flame isn’t just about romance, although that is part of it contrary to some popular myths out there. Your Twin Flame is, above all, your Ascension partner. Together, you push each other towards personal and spiritual growth, whether you’re in close proximity or not.

Now, consider this: your Twin Flame acts as your ultimate guru. They are the clearest, most pristine mirror reflecting back to you all the areas where you need growth and healing. Every reaction, every emotion that comes up when you’re with them, or when they pull away, is pointing you towards an aspect of yourself that needs attention.

When your Twin Flame says they don’t want to be with you, it can feel like a cruel lesson. It can seem almost brutal. But it’s not about you or your worthiness for love. Quite the contrary, it’s about triggering dormant wounds, fears, insecurities, and patterns that need healing. It’s about bringing to the surface the hidden aspects of yourself that you’ve been suppressing. They show you, in the most intense way possible, the relationship you have with yourself. It’s a magnification of how you love, value, and treat yourself. They do this, largely unconsciously, so that you can learn your worth and give yourself the love that you’ve been seeking.

So, what should you do when faced with this situation?

The best thing to do in any situation when you feel triggered by your Twin is the Mirror Exercise. The Mirror Exercise allows you to see the patterns, behaviors and beliefs that you’ve been holding on to so that you can love yourself in those spaces and make a new, loving choice. Each time you do the Mirror Exercise when you’re upset, you peel back a layer of the upset until it is completely gone and replaced with deep self love. In that space, your Twin Flame, your mirror, has no other choice but to reflect love there where they were previously reflecting the upset.

After each Mirror Exercise and integration of your healing, you’ll be guided to your next steps whether that is deeper healing and/or outer steps. If your Twin Flame isn’t wanting to be with you, that’s a good indication that you are avoiding yourself in some way. Maybe you need to take time to get to know yourself better. Maybe you’ve been people pleasing or not honoring your true desires. Maybe you have been focused on your Twin Flame and others instead of putting yourself first. It’s important to love yourself and prioritize you and your needs to cultivate that deep self-love and joy that attracts your Twin Flame to you for good.

Navigating Twin Flame Journey can no doubt be challenging. However, it’s essential to remember that the journey itself holds the key to profound self-discovery and unconditional love. By focusing on self-love, understanding, and healing, not only will you magnetize your Twin Flame, but you also ascend to your highest self, realizing that the love we seek outside has always been within.