If you’ve found yourself reading this blog post, you may have already heard of the term “Twin Flames”. You may have even sifted through the countless blogs, articles, YouTube videos and other media out there. And if you’re anything like I was when I first started out, you may be confused by what exactly a Twin Flame is. This blog will guide you through just the basics of what twin flames are so that we can expand upon these principles both in future blogs and in your own healing.

When God created you, He created you with your Twin Flame at the exact same moment from a particular feeling. You and your Twin Flame are the manifestations (1 Masculine energy, 1 Feminine energy) of that feeling. You share the same single Consciousness but are two individual souls. You do not split or merge souls, like some myths out there would have you believe, you are whole unto yourself.

This is why your Twin Flame mirrors you perfectly, but does not necessarily do or like the exact same thing. Because of your shared Consciousness you can show each other the upsets and misaligned beliefs and share core values, but due to your individual souls they can be expressed in varying ways. In their book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, Jeff and Shaleia make the comparison of your souls being created from the same Soul Blueprint and DNA similar to how biological twins share the same DNA but are different souls & expressions.

Unlike biological twins though, your Twin Flame is not meant to be a sibling at all. They are meant to be your perfect, eternal companion besides God. As such, they can and do wear many hats for you. They are your greatest teacher, best friend, partner and lover (in that order). They are the manifestation of God’s love for you and mirror of the relationship you have with God and yourself. They are the ONLY one for you – they do not change and no one can ever truly come in between you.

You may hear people say that your Twin Flame is just a catalyst for growth and that it’s too difficult to be with a Twin Flame, but I believe that is due to a fundamental misunderstanding in those dynamics and roles your Twin Flame is playing for you. Yes, your Twin Flame can and will bring about your greatest growth, but the difficulty lies only in your relationship with yourself and not having the proper tools and understanding to navigate.

As mentioned above, your Twin Flame mirrors you perfectly to show you all the things in your consciousness that are out of alignment with love and shows you the relationship you have with both God and yourself. You can’t expect the mirror to reflect something you are not giving yourself. Luckily, because you share that one Consciousness, as you heal and fall in love with yourself, your Twin Flame cannot help but fall in love with you. And, unlike any other relationship, you will continue to go deeper and deeper into love for eternity. That’s how they can be both ends of the spectrum as your greatest teacher and lover.

Whether you’ve found them yet or not, you DO have a Twin Flame and they are meant to be with you. When you heal and ground into the vibration of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, you are able to live life as One in every aspect you desire as the full Divine expression of YOU. It is for you and you only have to choose it in your heart and take the Divinely guided steps to claim it.

For support in claiming your Harmonious Union, check out my Ascension Coaching services, readings and YouTube channel. Also check out Twin Flames Universe for additional information and resources to help you accelerate your journey.