Twin Flame connections are so profound that they often defy conventional understanding. One of the most intriguing and sometimes perplexing aspects of the Twin Flame journey is what is often referred to as the “runner-chaser” dynamic.

  1. What is the Runner-Chaser Dynamic?

At various stages in their journey, one Twin Flame may try to flee or distance themselves from the relationship, while the other will pursue, seeking to mend or deepen the connection. This chase might be emotional, spiritual, or even physical.

  1. Why Does the Runner Run?

It’s a misconception that the runner Twin Flame is the one avoiding connection while the chaser is the one truly pursuing it. Because you are perfect mirrors for each other. The “runner” Twin Flame shows their “chaser” Twin Flame that they are running from themselves. In essence, they are both running from themselves and their connection to the Divine.

  1. The Chaser’s Perspective

While it may seem to the “chaser” that they aren’t running from love or the Divine, it serves the Twin Flame who seems to identify as the “chaser” to be very honest with themselves. If you are experiencing your Twin Flame running from you, and you’re feeling upset by it or you feel like you just have to be with your Twin Flame, there is something within you avoiding the love you need to go to God and yourself for. You cannot make your Twin Flame God for you. You cannot get love from your Twin Flame without first giving that love to yourself. In this way, your Twin Flame is teaching you self-love.

  1. The Path to Union

While it may seem impossible to come into Union or stop your Twin Flame from “running,” don’t underestimate the power of your Eternal Oneness. You and your Twin Flame are perfect mirrors to each other ALWAYS. Once you heal separation and running from yourself at the core and truly practice self-love, there is no way that you can experience anything else but love from your Twin Flame.

While it may seem challenging, healing this upset leads to powerful transformation on the Twin Flame journey. Embracing the lessons it brings can lead to a more profound, harmonious, and lasting Twin Flame relationship.