God can be a very polarizing topic; you might even be thinking that you’d like to keep the whole idea of God out of your Twin Flame Journey. First of all it is important to note that you can call God whatever resonates best with you: Spirit, Universe, Love, Creator, Divine Consciousness etc and use whatever pronouns. I use God and He because that it how I experience my Creator.

But, you just want your person what does God have to do with the Twin Flame Journey at all?

The short answer: everything.

Rather than a journey just designed to land you with your perfect person or connect you with your Higher Self, although it does do that, the Twin Flame Journey is actually an Ascension journey first. The ultimate goal is heal separation from God and “return” Home to Him.

God actually created your Twin Flame to love you through them. This does not make your Twin Flame your source of love, but it does illustrate why it is impossible to have a relationship with your Twin Flame without first having a relationship with God. How could you simultaneously push away God’s love and have the love of your Twin Flame if they are one in the same?

This doesn’t require you to abandon your current religion or to blindly accept anything. It is perfectly normal that you will have blocks or resistance to God. In fact, ALL upsets you have on this path, including ones with your Twin Flame are ultimately upsets that you have in your relationship with God. What this journey does require is for you to heal through all of your feelings and love yourself through it.

God is the love in which I love myself.

– Shaleia Divine, Twin Flames Universe

As you feel and heal your upsets along your Twin Flame journey, the Love that you are giving yourself IS God’s love for you and it is He who actually does the healing. The Mirror Exercise is designed for you to naturally grow in this relationship when you tap into Him as your Source.

God is the real “prize” of the Twin Flame journey — your Twin Flame it just the cherry on top. The best part about it is the truth that you are always with God and your Twin Flame. They have never left you once and it is God’s will for you, even more than your own, that you be with your person. Surrendering your journey and your Twin to God completely is the fastest and easiest way to come into your Permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union. It may not always be a straight line, but it is truly the only path of success.