Diving deep to address our inner wounds can lead us to powerful revelations. Tools like the Mirror Exercise, meditation, the Mind Alignment Process, or even immersing in a Twin Flame Ascension School class can be transformational. However, after these healing experiences, many of us confront an intense phase known as “upheaval.”

So, what exactly is this upheaval?

Let’s take a moment to differentiate between an “upset” and “upheaval.” While an upset often comes with a charged feeling demanding healing, upheaval emerges after the healing work has been done. It’s that unsettling sensation of anxiety, an inexplicable heaviness, or even manifestations of physical illness. The paradox of the healing journey is that sometimes, after doing all the right things, we might feel worse before we feel better.

Imagine your inner world as a serene pond. Healing work is like dropping a stone into this pond – the immediate splash is the act of addressing a core issue (an upset). The ripples that follow, though, represent upheaval. They are residual energies, emotions, and patterns that are making their way out, having been dislodged from their hiding places.

However, here’s the critical insight: you cannot, and indeed, should not, attempt to “heal” the upheaval. Why? Because there’s nothing left to heal. It’s merely the process of expulsion. As these once-buried feelings surface, they’re seeking release, and our job is to let them go without resistance.

During upheaval, the challenge often isn’t the process itself but our reaction to it. The natural human tendency is to attach meaning or concern to these feelings, but detachment is key.

When in upheaval, prioritize self-care. Whether it’s taking a rejuvenating bath, getting lost in a video game, or indulging in a restful nap, find what soothes your soul and helps facilitate this phase of release. Treat yourself with kindness, patience, and love.

Remember, as counterintuitive as it might seem, upheaval is a hallmark of progress. It’s evidence of the profound inner work you’ve undertaken. Embrace it as a testament to your commitment to growth and healing.

In this transformative journey, there will be moments of discomfort and uncertainty, but it’s in these moments that our true healing and growth are solidified. So, the next time you encounter upheaval, welcome it with open arms, for it’s a sign that you’re on the right path.