On the Twin Flame Journey, it’s easy to become fixated on the challenges, upsets, and the “goal” of being with our beloved counterpart. However, it’s essential to remember that this journey is not solely about the destination of union, but about embracing self-love, joy, and living a fulfilling life.

God, in His infinite wisdom, did not create us to suffer or endure hardships. Instead, He intended for us to experience love, joy, and abundance in all aspects of our existence. While healing through our emotional upsets is an integral part of this journey, it is crucial to shift our focus from being “upset hunters” to becoming “joy hunters,” as beautifully expressed by Jeff Divine in Twin Flame Ascension School.

The purpose of healing is to bring forth more joy, love, and light into those areas of our lives that were previously overshadowed by pain or fear. By consciously choosing joy, we raise our energetic vibration, creating a magnetic pull that attracts our Twin Flame towards us. Joy is a powerful force that aligns us with our true essence and Divine Purpose.

Taking time to play, engaging in activities that bring us joy, and embracing a childlike sense of wonder all contribute to elevating our vibration. Even our Life Purpose can be a form of play, as Life Purpose Class teaches us that work is play and play is work. There should be no distinction between the two. Every aspect of our lives can be infused with happiness, lightness, and ease.

It’s important to understand that embracing play and joy is not about avoiding challenges or neglecting the necessary healing work. Rather, it is about consciously choosing happiness and allowing life to unfold with ease. By making the heartfelt decision to be happy and embrace an attitude of playfulness, we open ourselves to Divine Guidance that leads us to heal and release any blocks hindering us from experiencing joy in all areas of our lives.

So let your heart be filled with joy, and let your life be a reflection of the love and abundance that you deserve. As you play, laugh, and choose joy, know that you are magnetizing the presence of your Twin Flame, drawing them closer to your radiant, joyful spirit.

Embrace the power of play, and watch as your Twin Flame journey becomes an enchanting dance of love and Divine alignment.