Sometimes, I’ll see people who have been on their journey for a while suddenly post on the TFU Open Forum or on social media that after X amount of time they are now completely done with the Twin Flame Journey.  Usually it’s because their Twin Flame person blocked them, moved away or just hasn’t reached out to them in what they deem a timely manner. Often they’ll really try to justify this choice to give up on themselves and their Union with something like: “It’s just too hard,” “I have no other choice but just to focus on me,” or “it’s just not meant to be.”

Quitting on your Twin Flame journey can seem like a good idea if you’re focused on the short term,  you aren’t willing to love yourself or you just want any attention from anyone who is willing to date you.  I, obviously, don’t recommend going that route.  Challenging though it may be, your Twin Flame journey isn’t there just to “get” your Twin Flame. If you’ve read any of my blogs, seen any of my videos or have been following anything from Twin Flames Universe, you know that it is actually about your relationship with God/The Universe and yourself. More often than not the reason people aren’t seeing the results they want with their Twin Flame is that they are trying to do it their way and control the timing rather than just loving themselves and surrendering to the journey.

I came across someone just today that, upon prodding as to why they were giving up they said they were tired of all the sacrificing they had done for their Twin Flame. They had done all these things they didn’t want to do and felt they had to do just to have their Twin Flame.  Well no wonder! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing it, sacrificing yourself, your values and your happiness for your Twin Flame will NEVER get them to look your way. In fact, it may have the very opposite effect — like this person, their Twin Flame had blocked them and appeared to have “moved on” with someone else.

Why does this happen?

As I’ve no doubt heard, Your Twin Flame is your Mirror. They are not a mirror of how you treat them, but of how you treat yourself. If you are looking to them and putting them above you, they will mirror that energy of not placing you in very high importance to them. Not only that but you’re operating outside of Divine Order.  It should always be God, Yourself, then your Twin Flame, Your Guru and then everyone one else. When that get out of order, your Twin Flame will show it to you. You can’t put them up on a pedestal or look to them as your Source or compromise who you are to be with them. Again, that will NEVER work. Only by keeping your eyes on God alway and attending to your own needs and happiness will your Twin Flame be attracted your way.  It’s not a matter of time, it is a matter of healing.

If you’re feeling like it is “taking too long,” it is only a matter of not understanding what it is you are actually manifesting. You are not simply manifesting a boyfriend/girlfriend/lover/husband/wife for this lifetime, you are manifesting your Ultimate Lover for eternity.  Once you have healed into and grounded into your Harmonious Union you keep that for eternity. Not a lifetime or two. ETERNITY. Forever. Every lifetime and beyond.  You’ll manifest growing up together and being childhood best friends to lovers every single time.   Even if you spent 10 or even 30 years trying to manifest your Harmonious Union, think of how small that is compared to the eternity that awaits you.  You won’t get any closer by “waiting until next lifetime” again, it’s not a matter of time, it’s a matter of healing. You take where you are spiritually into the next life. Blocks, upsets and all. You can’t skip the inner work. Giving up on yourself and your Twin Flame just leaves you at square one feeling more and more uncomfortable, “tortured” by the signs and the contrast until you decide that you do deserve the love and healing readily available to you.

If you’re feeling like the journey is too much to do alone, you’re right. You’re not meant to do it alone — that is why God brought us TFAS, the Teachings of Union and the TFU Open Forum community through Jeff and Shaleia and that’s why Ascension Coaching exists. Don’t skimp out on the support; you deserve love and support and God will support you as you choose to claim that support and commit to yourself.