When you’re going through upsets with your Twin Flame, it will bring up all of your beliefs, patterns and behaviors that aren’t aligned with love and the truth of your Divinity. Because your Twin Flame acts as your perfect mirror and amplifies all those upsets, it can become an easy pitfall to project and hold grudges against them for these things. However, when you do this, you’re actually holding it against yourself as well.

Forgiveness isn’t a free pass for any bad behavior and treatment from others; you can and should set boundaries with bad behavior even with your Twin Flame. However, forgiveness is important because it energetically sets you and your Twin Flame free and frees up the space for the unconditional love and healing your Union needs to come together and go deeper into love.

Remember, when your twin flame reflects your upsets for healing, at the core they are doing this because they love you and want you to heal. It isn’t personal and most of the time it isn’t even done consciously. They can’t help but reflect these things to you because they are One with you and share the same consciousness. You also do the same for them just by being yourself. Practicing forgiveness is truly essential to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and is one of the 8 Keys to Harmonious Union as outlined by Jeff and Shaleia in their book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.

“Forgiveness means to let go of completely.” – Jeff and Shaleia Divine

The more you focus on forgiving and giving yourself love where you feel hurt the more you will cultivate deep love and trust within yourself and your Union. You will feel free and safe to fully be yourself knowing that you won’t hold grudges against yourself for upsets, mistakes and past behaviors and your Twin Flame in turn will feel fully free and safe to be themselves knowing they will be loved and supported as well.