One of the questions I see most from people starting out on the journey is how to tell if the person they are being pointed to is a Twin Flame or a Karmic Partner/Soul Mate. I, too, wondered that when I first awakened to the journey. Was I investing all of this work, time, and love into something that was never going to happen? I feared so much having a false Twin Flame. Turns out, I did have a false Twin Flame and, by the time I had healed to that conclusion, I was happy to let go of that person for the better option God had for me.

But how do you know for sure if you’re in that situation or not? Can you avoid it by having someone, like a psychic, reveal your Twin Flame to you?

First of all, revealing your Twin Flame is a necessary process. Even if you come to the journey already having met your Twin Flame and you’re right about who it is, you won’t find that certainty you’re looking for outside of yourself. The reason we go through this process is so our hearts can relax in that safe container of your Union/Harmonious Union, and you compassionately grow to understand how unbreakable your Union truly is.

Starting out, we have all of this uncertainty and baggage from past relationships that must be healed through, and your Twin Flame will naturally trigger within you. If you’re uncertain that the person you are with is your Twin Flame, and you are still believing in separation with them or that love is outside of you or could leave you, your Union would be very unstable and may very well manifest the separation you’re fearing. This is part of the reason why Twin Flames often experience coming in and out of separation. Healing these fears and beliefs in separation and going to God as your Source of love are the only ways to truly have a stable relationship with your Twin Flame.

So this raises the question, can I just skip all that and have someone channel that information for me? The short answer is no. No one can rob you of the journey. Exactly for the reasons mentioned above. Even if someone who is spiritually mastered and able to Divinely Channel true Twin Flames were to channel the identity of your True Twin Flame, which most psychics and even Ascension Coaches like myself are not mastered enough to do, matters of the heart are understandably sensitive, and God will only allow you to know what you’re ready to receive. Knowing for sure who your Twin Flame is is actually a huge spiritual gift, but it can also be something that you’re not fully ready to hear if you haven’t done the inner work.

For me, it wasn’t compassionate to know who my true Twin Flame was until I had healed into the awareness that I was the DM of my Union. I had come into this journey positive that I was the DF until I healed and my true self began to emerge. Had I learned this right from the beginning instead of healing, I probably would have been too triggered to continue my journey. God did not keep it from me out of spite, nor did I get false confirmations of my false Twin Flame as God lying to me. God was simply telling me to go in that direction of healing until it was no longer necessary and I was ready to let it go. It was the most loving way for me to allow my heart to open to the truth without forcing it on myself. Even not having a False Twin Flame, it’s important that you give your heart time to fully open, explore, and feel safe in something so sacred as your Union. It’s extremely intimate, and there is no rush. External pressures are nothing but blocks to be healed and moved through.

So, healing is the only way to reveal your Twin Flame fully, but what are the signs vs signs of a Karmic?

Karmics, Soul Mates, False Twin Flames, or whatever you want to call a relationship with someone not your Twin Flame, will inevitably fall away as you heal. While you may still have a necessary relationship in a situation of joint custody of children, the romantic relationship and even the friendship will likely break down and no longer be what you desire. It doesn’t have to be a messy process, but it may require boundaries.

If someone is your True Twin Flame, you will be continually pointed toward them in one way or another. They will heal and grow along with you, have a similar life vision and goals, have the same core values, and they will feel far more familiar to you than anyone else. A full list of signs can be found in Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff & Shaleia Divine.

One of the easiest ways to get clear on who your Twin Flame is is to create a Love List.  Shaleia talks about this in detail in the Twin Flames: Dreams Coming True e-Course (that particular class is available for free when you sign up for the free Introductory Course). It’s important when you create your Love List to write down all the qualities you desire in your perfect person. Be honest with yourself as to what you actually desire and not just mold your Love List to match the person you think you want. I fell into this trap when I was first creating my Love List, and it made it difficult for me to see my Twin Flame clearly. Don’t worry if you have to refine and add to your Love List over time though. It’s not uncommon for you to begin understanding more about what you want and don’t want as you heal and reveal more of yourself.

Though it can seem scary to not know for sure who your Twin Flame is as you take the journey, know that the healing is not for them. It is for you and your relationship with God. It is worth it to heal and love yourself and to love God no matter what the outcome is. It is never a good idea to hinge your willingness to love yourself on whether or not someone else will love you as you desire. Let that go, commit to yourself, and know that the love that you feel in your heart is real and you will have it as long as you keep going and keep loving.